deep rootedness

On rainy nights I sometimes find the connection to my past in the middle of raindrops running down my window. I can hear voices I have not heard for years, or even lifetimes, mixed with the howls of the rugged wind. There is a deep rootedness in the sound of a storm sweeping across the land. A kind of storytelling brought on by a deep seeded wildness that once was the birthright of every human walking the Earth. In those quiet moments I find the missing pieces of my Soul. They are floating somewhere in time and space waiting to be called to join the parts of me that are living this life, in this body, in this world in a holy dance with the Universe. This is where connection happens. Where I feel the ties to generations that came before me. A place where knowledge is shared with no regard for the passing of time. It simply flows from one Soul to the next in the grand web of eternal life. Here I feel at home like no other place. Here boundaries are gone, here love lives. This is where life is most alive. Do you, too, hear the whispers of your ancient linage, beautiful one? Do you listen? © Walking Wilder™ / Pia.Rain.Barksdale

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